Scalp Reduction Surgery


Scalp Reduction and Flaps are used in some patients to make large areas of balding smaller. Flaps are large pieces of hair-covered scalp that are rotated to replace a section of bald scalp. Scalp reduction procedures are mainly used in the crown area (the top of the scalp behind the hairline area) to cut out areas of baldness and then the adjacent hair covered skin can be stretched over the area.

How do I know if I am a good candidate?

An ideal candidate is someone with dense hair in the permanent fringe of hair-bearing scalp. A patient with light colored hair and pale skin (as opposed to dark hair and light skin) may appear to have a denser look. Patients with very wavy curly hair may require fewer sessions than someone with straight hair. While hair transplants look very natural, the end result may not achieve the density or total coverage that you had when you were a teenager. Results can vary from patient to patient.