5 Rules That You Must Understand About American Football

Rule number 1. The time

The clock runs in a descending manner, four quarters of 15 minutes are played, two quarters form one half. It is possible to stop the clock for a few seconds (to plan plays), with the so-called “times out,” each team has three in the first two-quarters of each half. When only 2 minutes left in the second and fourth quarters, there is a pause called “two-minute pause,” it adds drama to the game.

Rule number 2. Those who play

A football team consists of almost 60 players. There are three central units: the offensive (those who are responsible for making points), the defensive (those who are responsible for preventing spots from being scored) and the special teams (those who connect kicks and return them). In the field, there can only be 22 players, 11 offensive against 11 defensives.

Rule number 3. The “first and ten.”

This sport is territorial — win who can move the ball without losing it. The teams have four opportunities to advance 10 yards. When they progress 10 yards (or more) they get another ” first opportunity to advance another ten yards,” that is, a “first and ten.”

Rule number 4. The touchdown

Matches are won with points. If you advance with the ball (by many “first-and-ten”), it is more likely that you will reach the enemy territory when you arrive at that place called “the goal zone” with the ball in your hands, you will have scored a ‘ touchdown. ‘ But it is not the only way to add points; there are different types of annotations:

Goal: 6 points

Extra point (after touchdown) 1 point

Field-goal: 3 points.

Safety: 2 points.

Rule number 5. Changes of possession

Those who make the least mistakes win the game. For this you have to avoid losing the ball, there are two main ways to lose possession of the ball:

Interception: An intercepted pass is one in which the field marshal (the one who throws the ball) throws a pass, and a player from the other team steals it in the air.

Ball loose/fumble: Any player can commit a loose ball, it is when the ball falls out of hand, and a rival player recovers it.

Watch a game and review what I’m saying here, I’m sure it will help you one day to surprise your husband/son/daughter/cousin/ uncle / with your new knowledge and see that football is also a family moment.