Guide To Understand American Football And Enjoy The Super Bowl

Many women are fond of sports, who are equally or more passionate than men, so much so that sports are one of the topics that they dominate entirely.

However, others not so much, so sports are not our strength, but that does not mean we can not learn. Maybe all we need is to know what the game consists of, the rules and the essential points that must be considered.​

Among the reasons that could prompt us to learn what is a sport would be: the increase of coexistence with our father, brothers, cousins , or partner.

Likewise, we could understand more clearly why this sport makes them overflow with so much emotion. But perhaps the most motivating reason to follow a sport would be … Not having to wait for part-time – as it happens in the Super Bowl – to enjoy.

On the occasion of the next Super Bowl, we will give you a little guide to understand American Football and enjoy the ” Super Bowl.”


The game lasts one hour, divided into 4 rooms of 15 minutes each. But the game can last up to 3 hours due to the frequency with which the game stops for issues such as fouls (handkerchiefs), advances, setbacks, and revisions of the plays.

There are 22 members, for each team 11 play on the offensive  (those who are responsible for making points),  and 11 on the defense  (those who are responsible for preventing them from scoring points).

Before each game a “flyer” is thrown so that the team that wins the ball, choose whether to kick or receive the ball – that is, if it starts with defense or offense -; the team that loses chooses its court.

All plays start from the ” scrimmage” line, where the two teams are formed. The ball is placed on the field, and the player called “center” is the one who starts the service, under the orders of the ” quarterback” or field marshal.


E1 defensive team is in charge of beginning the match with a kick – also known as kickoff – from the A30 so that attackers catch the ball and start their offensive series.

Among the 11 players of each team, there is a quarterback,  who is the one who throws the ball or gives it to a teammate (carry) to make a play that can end in a score.

The field measures 100 yards, and each move is to advance 10 yards. When the team develops 10 yards – or more -, the famous “First down” or “First and ten” is achieved, which means »first opportunity to advance another ten yards.»

The teams only have four opportunities to advance 10 yards and get another down (possessions); When a team did not improve ten yards on its first three possessions, it uses the fourth to give a punt to the ball. Thus, although he loses possession, he ensures that the opponent starts his own as far as possible.

The opposing team gets the first down and starts its offensive series.