To get points in favor, there are different ways:

  • Touchdown: It is when the team crosses the pitch and manages to get a player to reach the end zone with the ball, without the ball touching the ground or one of his feet stepped out of the field, or with only breaking the imaginary plane of the scoring zone with the ball; This is how the player scores a touchdown. Give 6 points.
  • Extra points: The teams have two options: Extra point, which is when they kick the ball and have to enter the posts, its value is 1 point, or a conversion, which consists of making another play and try to get 2 more points.
  • Field-goal: the kicker has to put the ball on the post. Give 3 points.
  • Safety: When they stop a player offensively in their end zone. Give 2 points.


Those who make the least mistakes win the game; for this, you have to avoid losing the ball; there are two main ways to lose possession of it:

  • Interception: An intercepted pass is one in which the field marshal (the one who throws the ball) throws a pass, and a player of the other team steals it in the air.
  • A loose ball (‘fumble’): It is when the ball drops from the hands of one player and another from the opposite side (the opposing player) recover it.

This makes the players enter a fun battle to recover the ball, so much so that sometimes, they manage to resemble the cartoons. Any player can commit a “loose ball”…


Logically the team that obtains the most points wins, however, in case of a draw at the end of the regular time, you have to resort to extra time (15 minutes approx.). In those minutes, the team that scores first a touchdown, field goal or safety,  is the one who wins the game and to whom the trophy is awarded.


The trophy is made by the Tiffany & Co. jewelry (it has been the manufacturer since 1967), and it is made of sterling silver, with a value of 500 thousand dollars.

This trophy represents a regular-sized ball in position to be kicked, recharged on a pyramidal base that is characterized by the legend “Vince Lombardi Trophy,” along with the NFL logo.

The award was given the name of the first coach who won a Super Bowl and is typical in the history of the NFL.

Pittsburgh is the team with the most championships (6 victories in the “Super Bowl”), the Patriots have four, and the Atlanta Falcons no, so if they win the Super Bowl LI, they will get their first title.


In addition to taking the silver ball (” Vince Lombardi” trophy ), the team also earns a sum of $ 90,000, and each player is awarded a white gold diamond commemorative ring valued at $ 5,000.

In short, this sport can seem a bit complicated, since the complicated rules and plays – without forgetting to mention the list of faults and punishments – can complicate a bit the 100% understanding of this sport.

However, the only thing you need is to know the essential points (that we have presented here), pay attention to the game and the narrators who are saying how the game is going.

We assure you that this weekend you can enjoy a good game of  Super Bowl,  in the company of friends and partner.