The Basic Rules That You Must Understand American Football

Add a plus to your family Sundays. Understand in a few simple steps the fascinating sport of American football and live with the fans of this sport.

During the World Cup in Brazil, I shared some tips so that you could watch the tournament with your family. Come on; the idea was not for the sporting event to break the ties, instead of strengthening them. If you want to check exactly what I’m talking about, you can click on this link. Now, the World Cup is over, but thanks to the universe, the sport is not over. We already have half the NFL season, and in particular, it’s a discipline that I love a lot.

I believe that football raises a great philosophy of camaraderie and passion for fair play, although as in everything, there are exceptions. I briefly tell you one of the memories I miss the most: I see American football since I was about six years old, of course, my father taught me the sport.

My father played football in his high school (or vocational-bachelor depending on the country where you read this), so he always told me about his friends, training, and nicknames. That area of ​​companionship was what I started to relate to the sport of “tackles.”

Then came the games on television, always fans of the Dallas Cowboys. You do not judge me, I had the best time of the Cowboys, with three championships in four years and a dominant game. Now I have 20 years without seeing them champions, but here I continue year after year … well, that’s another story.

Monday night games I will never forget them. Imagine Oscarín, about 8 or 9 years old, who had to get up early to go to school the next day. Matches are played on a schedule (from Mexico City) at 7:30 PM. At that time, since we did not have cable TV, they were broadcast delayed at 10 o’clock at night, then they ended at around 1 AM. My mom never approved of seeing them; it was too late for that child who had to rest! My dad hid me to see them or, failing that, on Tuesday morning, he told me in detail what had happened.

Now, I already told you a little about what football means to me, maybe at this point, you can relate this sport to a member of your family. On Sundays (which is the day when there are more games), I think there is no better time to share breakfast or lunch watching a set of the Cowboys, or Seattle, or Pittsburgh or the Texans, in short, there is 32 equipment so you can choose.

Some time ago, I read a text that indicated the determining factors to support a team, two mainly: Their success at the time and the colors they wear for their clothing. With this, you could already have an idea of ​​precisely what you would like to see. But the big thing here is that you understand the basic rules of the sport. Football is not easy, it has more than 100 standards, so it might seem heavy or dull, which is the biggest lie.