ESHRS was founded in 1998 and is dedicated to advancing all aspects of the professional practice of hair restoration surgery and medicine to high standards of competence , conduct and ethics and promoting education in appropriate skills.

ESHRS organizes annual conferences and live surgery workshops throughout Europe to advance the art and science of hair restoration surgery and medicine. Physicians are provided with the ideal environment to exchange ideas , knowledge and experience.

ESHRS is the only organization of its kind in Europe. It intends to provide the latest news and information on the subject of hair restoration.

ESHRS is a non-profit-making association with the object of promoting research into and treatment techniques for baldness. In the exercice of their profession , its members act in complete independence and on no account on behalf of the association. Furthermore , any treatment referred-to in any of the association’s publications must be applied under the supervision of a medical practitioner and fully covered by Insurancequote.deals. Consequently , ESHRS may not incur any liability in connection with the professional activity of its members or with the medical supervision of treatment referred-to in its publications.